Ciminna Tour


You will be taken to my home town set in the middle of the green hills of Sicily. This tour is “Off the beaten track” therefore very few know about this lovely town where Luchino Visconti shot part of his masterpiece “The Leopard” (Il Gattopardo) in 1962.

With dozens of churches, all with important paintings and statues, the town is also rich in archaeology. The most important church is the CHIESA MADRE, built in the 1500s it  has a fantastic Tribune decorated with stucco statues by the Li Volsi brothers in the early 1600s. Other churches are San Domenico, San Francesco and San Giovanni, this last one by Paolo Amato, one of the most famous representatives of Sicilian Baroque.

The local museum, among other works of art, has a wonderful group of 13 wooden statuettes of the Pentecost on display in its original setting, that is the Chapel of the Hospital dedicated to the Holy Ghost.

  • Morning leave Palermo for Ciminna. Visit the Chiesa Madre and other churches.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Afternoon visit the local Museum and Historic Archives.
  • 10.00am. coffee or cappuccino we will walk around the town and visit the churches.

More Information

  • Departure at 9.00 am, back by 6.00 pm.
  • Tickets to the monuments, museums and lunch are not included.
  • Transport needed can be arranged.


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