Ancient Greek Tour – Solus & Himera


These are two of the most significant archaeological sites in Sicily and yet little known by the public at large. The former is located on Mount Catalfano it has one of the most breathtaking views of the north coast of Sicily. Of Phoenician origins the actual town dates to the Hellenistic period but still with traces of Punic influence. Here we have evidence of both Punic and Greek divinities being worshipped in the same town. The excavations have brought to light elegant houses with floor mosaics and wall paintings, some of great importance. The site has a small museum displaying the most significant finds of the town.

The latter is famous for the Battle of Himera which took place in 480 BC when Himera, Akragas and Syracuse defeated the invading army of the Carthaginians said to have taken place on the same day Athens defeated the Persians in the Battle of Salamis. On this occasion they built famous Temple of Victory. Its museum houses among other beautiful artefacts the famous Phiale Mesomphalos which had ended up in New York illegally.

  • 9.00am Leave Palermo, arrive at 10.00 in Solus.
  • 10.00am Walking tour of the site and visit Museum.
  • 12.30am Lunch at a local restaurant in the small fishing town of Santa Flavia
  • 2.30pm Departure for Himera
  • 3.00pm Visit the site and the museum.
  • 5.00pm Departure for Palermo.

More Information

  • Tickets to the sites and lunch are not included.
  • Transport needed to get there. Can be arranged.


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