Sacred Mountain, Mount Pellegrino


Archeotrekking (Italian spelling with no “a” after “h”) is a combination of traditional trekking and the archaeology, history, legends and traditions of a territory. You will be taken to the top of the mountain walking uphill through the steep ancient Sacred Way to reach the Sanctuary of St. Rosalia, coming across archaeological evidence of Punic and Roman periods, to discover why it is known as The Sacred Mountain. One day Tour. Trekking boots needed.

  • Morning: Royal Stables Favorita Park, Valley of the Pig.
  • Lunch at local Street food parlour.
  • Afternoon: back down along Ancient Medieval Path.

More Information

  • Starting at 9-9.30 am, finishing at 5-5.30 pm.
  • Transport needed to get there. Can be arranged. Lunch not included.


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