Jewish Tour


Very little to see but a lot to say. The history of the Jews in Palermo lacks the visibility it ought to have. One of the biggest communities in Medieval Europe, together with Syracuse, the Jewish community here played a vital role in agriculture, trade, and banking not to mention the administration of the Kingdom itself. Most of the evidence comes from the local Archives giving an insight of a population very active and very much “Sicilian”. Hardly ever mentioned in history books so much as to be “forgotten” among the populations of medieval Sicily when listed, that is Muslims, Greeks, Latins and Normans.

This tour will take you to where the Synagogue was and where the Jews used to live very close to the Martorana church We will then take a taxi to the Zisa to see a precious and unique artefact. The tour includes visits to the Martorana and the Cathedral.

  • Morning: Walk through the so-called Jewish district, the Guzzetta e the Meschita.
  • Lunch at local Street food parlour.
  • Afternoon: The Cuba.

More Information

  • Starting at 9-9.30 am, finishing at 5-5.30 pm
  • Tickets to the monuments and lunch are not included.
  • Transport needed. Can be arranged.


If you wish to book this tour visit my contacts page.

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